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This section contains articles from a variety of sources related to food storage. The articles provide general information on how to get started with your food storage plan, as well as giving helpful hints and counsel from Church authorities.


A copy of an article from the August 1996 Ensign's Random Sampler section. The article summarizes some of the benefits of dry-packing, as well as what products can and cannot be dry packed.

Elder L. Tom Perry

A summary of a talk given by Elder L. Tom Perry during the October 1995 General Conference, entitled Hold to Iron Rod in Looking and Planning for the Future.

First Presidency Letter

A copy of a letter issued by the First Presidency of the Church on June 24, 1998, entitled Preparing for Emergencies. The letter was originally published in the October 1988 issue of the Ensign.

Home Storage

A copy of an article from the June 1989 Ensign, entitled Home Storage: Build on the Basics. The article gives a basic overview of why home storage is important, as well as some suggested items and methods to use.

Milk Storage

A copy of an article from the March 1997 Ensign by Welfare Services. The article goes over what types of milk are best to use in home food storage, as well as recommended amounts for family members.