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APRIL 2000

 WEEK 5  For your next Family Home Evening or date night, make milkshakes or hot chocolate for a treat by using reconstituted powdered milk from your food storage.
 WEEK 4  Go to the library and search for books with recipes using powdered milk. By using the amount of powdered milk per reconstituting instructions and the equivalent water called for in a recipe instead of store bought milk you can substantially reduce your grocery bill. Commit to substituting powdered milk for fresh in at least two recipes this week. The money saved should be budgeted for oil or honey purchases later. Get a recipe for "Mormon" buckeyes from the unit Food Storage Specialist and make them for a family treat this week. Record all purchases in your Basic Food Storage Binder. (If planning to utilize hot water heater water or toilet tank water for emergency storage, carefully drain 2 gallons of water from hot water tank and clean toilet tank each month and put 1/2 cup bleach in cleaned tank.)
 WEEK 3  For families with infants or toddlers, consider storing powdered infant formula and some whole powdered milk. If storing evaporated milk, you must turn any cans each month to prevent settling and compromising food value of product. Print out an emergency recipe for infant formula at Keep filed with food storage information.
 WEEK 2  Use the dry pack or pouch work sheet to determine how many cans or pouches of powdered milk are needed for basic food storage for each family member. Obtain all your basic milk storage or as much as is economically feasible. Label, date, and store in cool, dry location.
 WEEK 1  Read 2 Nephi 9:50 then accurately inventory and assess current dry milk storage. Determine if existing powdered milk is stored correctly and is still usable; bulk milk dry packed into smaller units has an approximate shelf life of 2 years. Reconstitute and sample before discarding powdered milk. However, if the powdered milk is obviously brown, rock-hard or strong smelling (caramelized) feed it to pets that can tolerate milk, or compost, or discard! Commercially canned powdered milk such as Maple Island and Provident Pantry have a much longer shelf life, however repacking bulk dry milk from the storehouse is cheaper and convenient! Total basic dry milk storage recommended per year for males/females 18 years or older is 16 pounds. Having powdered milk stored is like money in the bank; some for everyday and some for emergencies! The more powdered milk you reconstitute or use in baking the more money, time and energy you will save! No more last minute trips to get a gallon of milk thus saving time, money, and gasoline! (Do we ever manage to come home with just the milk!)