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 WEEK 4  Obtain one gallon of household bleach for further water storage purification needs, store out of reach of children. Carefully drain two gallons of water from your hot water heater to reduce tank sediment. By doing this each month, this forty gallon goldmine is a source of quality water if needed for emergency drinking or cooking. (If you already have the recommended amount of water storage; budget extra grocery dollars for March grain purchases or the higher-priced powdered milk and honey later.)
 WEEK 3  Raid your recycle bin and wash all green plastic pop bottles to fill with drinking/cooking water (milk jugs with screw tops biodegrade quickly and are not suitable as short-term water storage.) Place 2 drops of chlorine bleach in each container unless using water from municipal water supply which requires no additional chlorination. Label with date. Additional water for cleaning and hygiene can be obtained by filling any screw-top detergent, dish soap, or liquid hand soap bottles with water. Place 1-2 drops of chlorine bleach in each bottle, date and label clearly and store out of reach of children: SOAPY WATER for HYGIENE NOT FOR DRINKING OR COOKING. Contact your unit Food Storage Specialist for information on used 55 gallon food grade barrels for water or fuel storage!
 WEEK 2  For an alternate water storage option that provides six gallons of storage water per toilet: Once a month shut off the toilet tank water supply valve. Flush toilet. Scrub the inside of your toilet tank and parts as thoroughly as possible with 2 drops of dish liquid and bleach without damaging parts. Use old cleaning rags to absorb any leftover water after flushing and cleaning. Turn toilet tank water supply valve back on. Add 1/2 cup of bleach as water fills tank. Flush toilet a second time. (Clean and pour 1/2 cup of bleach in the tank each month to be able to consider this as a source of quality water if needed for drinking or cooking and put the lid down on the toilet so the dog will stop drinking out of it!) Consider purchasing a small quantity of iodine or water purification tablets for storage with 2002 or later expiration dates.
 WEEK 1 Read Exodus 7:17-18. Personal "plagues" that make water loathe to drink or unavailable might include a rural power outage so the pump doesn't work; a broken water main on your street; frozen water pipes in the winter; or a community boil alert! Determine how much drinking water you have on hand for immediate basic storage purposes.(The Church computer program recommends 14 gallons per person for a two week supply for cooking/drinking, this does not include any water for health or hygiene purposes.)