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 WEEK 5  Buy a permanent black marker and use exclusively for labeling and dating all basic food storage purchases. Recycle an existing 3-ring binder into your personal Food Storage Reference Guide. Record all existing, viable food storage; all basic food storage purchases during 2000; computer printouts detailing the recommended basic food storage for your family; details on proper storage; food storage recipes; and other basic food storage information the stake and unit Food Storage Specialists will make available during 2000. Purchase un-iodized or coarse canning salt in a sufficient quantity to use for any pickling opportunities this summer. Carefully drain two gallons of water from your water heater and discard in preparation for next month's focus on water storage.
 WEEK 4  Redeem any coupons for iodized salt and purchase the necessary amount to provide for eight pounds per family member. Leave in original containers or repack bulk iodized salt into clean plastic jugs that have a pour spout for ease in refilling salt shakers, etc. Label each salt container with permanent black marker with date of purchase. Small unopened boxes of salt can be stored in plastic buckets with lids or buy extra cardboard boxes from the storehouse that dry pack cans are stored in. These boxes allow for easy storage and stacking of most food storage items.
 WEEK 3  Multiply 8 pounds times how many family members you are planning to provide basic food storage for in 2000. Establish a cool, dry place for existing or additional salt storage. Salt has an indefinite shelf life under these conditions. While salt may darken over the years, it does not affect it's taste or viability.
 WEEK 2  Determine how much iodized salt you have on hand for food storage. Basic storage for one year for salt is eight pounds per person. Determine if existing salt is dry and protected. If salt has become wet then redried, recycle for use on icy sidewalks or driveways and start over! Save all coupons related to salt or other basic food storage plan items.
 WEEK 1  Search the topical guide under SALT. Read the accompanying scriptures to and find out why salt is so important.