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JUNE 2000

 WEEK 4  If interested, obtain by mail order or contact local bulk suppliers to purchase one can of butter powder or shortening powder. Split the cost of the purchase and the contents with your food storage buddy. Use the butter or shortening in favorite recipes this month then compare/evaluate the results. If results are acceptable to your personal taste and your budget allows, buy larger quantities as desired.

(If planning to utilize hot water heater water or toilet tank water for emergency storage, carefully drain 2 gallons of water from hot water tank and clean toilet tank each month and put 1/2 cup bleach in cleaned tank.) "Shock" your well if dependent upon a well as a water supply source. Obtain instructions from unit Food Storage Specialist. Keep the instructions and materials on hand to do so at least once a year.

 WEEK 3  Buy Daddy a manual wheat grinder for Father's Day so he can build up his biceps! (Or buy one for yourself to build up your biceps and boost healthy eating habits by eating more grains.) Use your high quality oil and fresh ground flour to make pancakes for Dad for Father's Day Breakfast or Brunch!
 WEEK 2  Purchase the highest quality oil finances allow. Consider extra virgin olive oil as well as a variety of pure vegetable oils such as sunflower and canola and pure vegetable shortening. Pure vegetable shortening such as plain Crisco not butter flavor, has an indefinite shelf life when unopened. Redeem any coupons for oil and shortening and purchase the necessary amount to provide the recommended amount per family member. Leave in original containers, store in cool, dry, dark place. As always, label, date and rotate. Record all purchases in your Basic Food Storage Binder.
 WEEK 1  See Olive Tree in the Bible Dictionary, read the scripture references listed. Determine how much vegetable shortening, oil, powdered butter or other fats you have on hand for basic food storage. The total basic fats and oils storage recommended per year for males/females 18 years or older is 26 pounds. If you aren't sure how much more you need, verify the recommended amount for each family member with the church's computer food storage program disk.