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 WEEK 4  Get your holiday shopping done earlier and smarter! Consider purchasing Christmas gifts that promote the use of basic food storage such as an electric mill/grinder, crockpot, pressure cooker, pressure canner, water barrels, etc.. Waterless anti-bacterial hand cleaner makes a great stocking stuffer and can extend basic water storage. Buy a case/ 6 one gallon jars of honey for your sweetie instead of chocolates or frivolous, useless items this year. Watch for sales and take advantage of double couponing. (If planning to utilize hot water heater water or toilet tank water for emergency storage, carefully drain 2 gallons of water from hot water tank and clean toilet tank each month and put 1/2 cup bleach in cleaned tank.)
 WEEK 3  Make rice pudding as a Family Home Evening treat this week. Check the library for additional recipes utilizing rice in casseroles, entrees, salads, and desserts.
 WEEK 2  With bishopric approval, an adult "social" featuring dry pack/pouch sealer equipment in a member's basement or garage could be held to encourage fellowship and food storage. Members could bring their bulk items to the event and refreshments featuring basic food storage items could be served. Brother Mrkva, (614) 837-2421, is the contact person for demonstrations of this equipment or to reserve for off-site use. Smaller units could double the fun by inviting another nearby unit to share the event.
 WEEK 1  Accurately inventory and assess current pasta and enriched rice storage. Determine if existing food storage is stored correctly and is still edible. Storing brown rice is not recommended due to short-term shelf life. Total basic pasta storage recommended per year for 18 years or older is 42 pounds for males/29 pounds for females. Total basic enriched white rice storage recommended per year for 18 years or older is 84 pounds for males/59 pounds for females. Record all purchases in your Basic Food Storage Binder.