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 WEEK 4  Contact the unit Food Storage Specialist to share copies of favorite recipes you've successfully adapted that utilize basic grain storage! (If planning to utilize hot water heater water or toilet tank water for emergency storage, carefully drain 2 gallons of water from hot water tank and clean toilet tank each month and put 1/2 cup bleach in cleaned tank.)
 WEEK 3  Have a "grain gathering" with others from the unit or neighborhood to socialize. Each family brings a main dish, entree, bread, or dessert featuring grains and a copy of the recipe to share. Vote for the most delicious and colorful, delicious but most unusual, and of course just the most delicious of all! Give the winners recipe boxes, fill them with the recipes used that evening!
 WEEK 2  Order bulk wheat from the Bishop's Storehouse and schedule dry packing. See March summary for bulk ordering and scheduling information.
 WEEK 1  If you have not already obtained the total recommended basic grain storage for each family member obtain at least another 1/3 to bring your existing grain storage to a minimum of 2/3 the recommended grain storage for each family member. If possible, order the remaining recommended grain if finances allow as no bulk pickup is usually scheduled at the storehouse in November and December. Total basic grain storage recommended per year for 18 years or older is 420 pounds for males/294 pounds for females. If you aren't sure how much more you need, verify the recommended amount for each family member with the church's computer food storage program disk. Record purchases in your Food Storage binder!