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Links to Food Storage and Other Resources -- the official website for the Columbus Ohio Stake. Information is available at this site about food storage, the Columbus Ohio Temple, and other stake-related information. -- part of the official website for The Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. The Ohioline site has a wealth of information regarding nutrition, food storage and preservation, gardening, and other helpful topics. -- homepage for Walton Feed, Inc., an Idaho-based company that specializes in providing bulk foods, emergency preparedness, and food storage supplies to consumers. The site contains a forum for exchanging recipes and information, and also contains on-line and downloadable catalogs of all the items offered. Orders can be placed on-line, by phone/fax, or by mail. -- page sponsored by InfiNet Communications, Inc., a company which distributes freeze-dried, dehydrated, and bulk dry foods for emergency, long-term storage, or even every-day use. Orders can be faxed, phoned, or mailed in, but there is no on-line ordering service.