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Why Store Water

Natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes may pollute or disrupt water supplies. Water is more essential in sustaining life than food so it is wise to store at least a two-week supply. The recommended quantity for this time period is 14 gallons per person. To protect the quality of the water it must be pure to start with, and stored in containers that will protect both flavor and purity.

Pre-Storage Treatment

Water for storage should be treated to prevent build up of bacteria and/or algae. This can be accomplished by adding:

Storage Containers

Good water storage containers will be airtight, resistant to breakage, heavy enough to hold the water, and have a lining that won’t rust or affect the flavor of the water. The following containers meet these criteria:


  1. Store water containers away from light.
  2. It is best to store water in areas where leakage, should it occur, will not cause damage.
  3. Stored water will taste better if it is aerated prior to drinking.
  4. To aerate water, pour it back and forth between two containers for several minutes. This will help to add air back into the water and dissipate chlorine.